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The National Trust wished to install a solar PV system on Lindisfarne Castle to reduce their carbon footprint. As an important historic building, the design and installation of the system had to be carried out with great sympathy to the building. The lead covered wooden roof could not support the solar panels. This left stone walls as the only support and entailed designing a bespoke framework lactic, and after structural calculations were completed the National Trust, English Heritage and the local council were very happy with the proposed layout. It was also a requirement that the solar panels should not detract from the look of the castle, so they are all hidden from view (unless you are a seagull).
The 12kw system was installed in March 2012 with the help of J Lister Electrical of York and ITV shot a short report on the installation.
National Trust's Lindisfarne Castle

Because of the need to keep the panels at a low pitch (to avoid visibility to the public) and the large chimneys on the roof, there was always going to be an issue regarding shading.
Shading of one panel normally affects the output of the whole system.
This was overcome by installing micro inverters on the panel supports, supplied by Enecsys.
Each inverter controls the production of 240 volts AC and communicates wirelessly to a central gateway. This allows the whole system to be monitored in real time. With a 20 year warranty,
The National Trust can be assured their system has a long life.
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Low angle panels, shading & Micro Inverters
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