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Science and nature working in harmony
 Today's panels do not require direct sunlight to produce electricity and will even work on dull days, although the more sunlight available the higher the output.
Whenever the panels are producing electricity this energy is available free for you to use in your property. You do not need to do anything as the whole process is completely automatic. Your system alternates between free solar electricity if available and electricity bought from your energy supplier. Any excess electricity produced but not used is sold to your electricity supplier. To get the most out of a domestic system may require a few minor life style changes. If the sun is shining try to use power hungry appliances i.e. washing machines, dishwashers and immersion heaters.
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PV is short for Photovoltaic ......photo coming from the Greek word for light and volt a measurement named after Alessandro Volta.
Solar PV is a system that groups silicon cells together to generate electricity. These panels are often mounted on roofs in domestic or commercial environments or can be ground mounted were space permits. The more advanced systems use trackers to follow the sun to achieve optimum output.

Silicon is what is called a semi-conductor material. When light shines on these cells a current is passed between them. The electricity produced is DC (direct current) this then passes through an inverter which converts it into useable AC (alternating) current as used in your property.