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Commercial users and those with high energy requirements have the potential to save considerable amounts of money with the use of Solar PV. However the need for good design is paramount. Understanding how your business works requires experience and almost always warrants a bespoke system designed to maximize your return. Enlightened Solar design systems which take into equation not only today's requirement but also allow for expansion should you require it in the future. It is critical for a cost effective solution that the system is optimized to match usage with production as closely as possible. This will provide lasting good value.

For High Energy Users, the greatest savings are not to be found within the 'Feed in Tariff' but in the 'Displaced Electricity'. With electricity prices historically doubling every five years the greatest savings will come from the electricity that you will be producing and therefore not purchasing. In today's challenging market successful businesses grow from forward thinking and the ability to use every asset available to them. Your roof is a large space and in most cases an area that is under utilised. Solar PV brings in an index linked guaranteed income and savings of up to 10% tax free for the next twenty years.

Installing Solar Pv is an excellent way to reduce your Carbon Emissions whilst demonstrating to your visitors, customers and suppliers that you are committed to reducing your carbon footprint. In many environmentally sensitive fields this is seen to be a great advantage and embraced. We suggest that clients engage their customers by installing a remotely mounted energy meter located in an area where it can easily be seen and show how much electricity has and is being generated as well as the Co 2 displaced.
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